Fisher-Cal Industries Inc.

Supplier to US Department of Defense for military photojournalism, video, multimedia and illustration services.

General Armour

Supply of armor and composite armoured products to defense, automotive and aerospace markets.

Golden Season Pte Ltd

Manufacturer of military equipment and supplies such as MREs (combat rations), folding stretchers, ammunition boxes and military batteries.

HDL Research Lab, Inc.

Design / manufacture of AC-DC and DC-DC power converters for military, aerospace, and specialized industrial applications.

ISO Group

Provides spare parts logistics for the defense industry.

ISO Parts

Stocking distributor for military and aviation parts.


A Canadian-based specialist in military and security products and services.

L Jackson & Co. UK

UK based distributors of military surplus equipment ranging from plant equipment to tractors and field kitchens.

Light Aircraft

Personal safety and survival equipment for defence forces and government agencies.


Swiss supplier of NBC gas filters, emergency ventilation systems, shelter components and over pressure valves.

Mawashi Protective Clothing, Inc.

Apparel, equipment, and systems for law enforcement and military users that offer protection from blunt-force impact, ballistic impact, heat, stab, fire, and other serious threats.

Merex Inc.

Systems, spares and components for aerospace and defense platforms including aircraft, vehicles, ships, communications and related equipment.

Milispec International

NATO standard mobile field analysing equipment and military approved lubricants for weapons and fuel.

Miltech Hellas SA

Manufacture and integration of military products in the Hellenic and international markets.

MKU Pvt. Ltd

Military equipment manufacturer and distributor based in India.

web-based notifications alerting companies of government solicitations primarily within aerospace industry.